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Stream sends you commerical grade water filtration equipment at a 50% savings. You'll enjoy unlimited high quality water for just pennies a day.

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The Stream Difference

Applying technological experience gained from over 40 years of research and development, Stream delivers commercial grade systems for drinking water filtration. Nano technology is known around the world for superior removal of water pathogens and contaminants. Protect your family while saving hundreds of dollars per year.

A New Era of Water Filtration

A new era of water filtration.

Manufactured by the world leader of nano based water filters, each Stream filter benefits from decades of research and development. With filter media derived from all natural coconut based media, Stream water filters remove a broad spectrum of contaminants including chlorine, chloramines, radon, VOCs, pesticides, herbicides, DBPs, heavy metals, cysts, asbestos, and hundreds of other pathogens.

Water Filtration Certifications

Stream Innovation
in every drop.

Tap into the most powerful nanofiltration system available. Effectively filtering over 316 contaminants for up to 750 gallons of refreshing water at only 2 cents per glass.

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Powerful & Certified

Stream's nanofiltration systems are scientifically proven & certified to effectively filter 75 contaminants. You've never seen water so pure and convenient.

Powerful & Certified

Only 2¢ Per Glass

Stream provides certified high quality water for less than 2 cents per serving. It's the least expensive glass of pure water ever.

Only 2¢ Per Glass

Ultra-High Capacity

Just one Stream cartridge replaces 5,677 bottles of water or 7.5 faucet filters. Stream makes the best water easy, convenient, and planet friendly.

Ultra-High Capacity

Health Protective

As recommended by experts and the WHO, Stream leaves healthy minerals like calcium and magnesium where they should be.

Health Protective

Natural Media Inside

Stream's proven performance is achieved using natural, biodegradable coconut shells. The result is a more effective nanofiltration system.

Natural Media Inside

Earth Conscious

Stream's smart filter design is over 7 times larger than ordinary filters without the plastic housings that would ultimately end up in our landfills.

Earth Conscious

More than just a water filter

Nano Technology

Stream's nano technology processes natural coconut shells to work on a molecular level, removing more contaminants than any other – while leaving in the natural nutrients and minerals your body needs. Take a refreshing sip and taste the difference.

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It's time to come clean It's time to come clean

It's time to come clean about the water we drink.

Flint Water Crisis and Stream


Some municipalities still transport water in lead pipes. Lead consumption has been linked to severe health effects. The Flint, Michigan public health crisis ocurred when officials failed to apply corrosion inhibitors to the water. As a result, lead from aging pipes leached into the water supply exposing over 100,000 residents to dangrous lead. The NSF soon published a list of water filters certified for Lead. All three Stream Filters were featured promintenly on the list of filters. Stream is proud to have been selected for protecting residents of Flint from lead.

According to a 3 year study, a total of 316 contaminants were found in the tap water supplied to 256 million Americans in 45 states. Among those contaminants, 202 were chemicals that are not subject to any government regulation or safety standards in the US. From pharmaceuticals and heavy metals, to jet fuel and microscopic bacteria, tap water in nearly every region contains a long list of contaminants.

Taste the difference Taste the difference

Taste the Difference...

Pure, clean water has never been so convenient and affordable. Simply place a Stream water filter on your countertop or connect under your sink. Switch between filtered and unfiltered water with the press of a button. Each long-life Stream water filter cartridge filters up to 5,677 glasses of water or 750 gallons. Stream's water filters are backed by a best-in-class lifetime warranty and each is fully recyclable.

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Invest in Stream's commercial grade water purification equipment with confidence. Satisfaction guranteed or your money back.

Stream Nano Water Filter

Stream Nano

Countertop Filtration

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Stream Flow Water Filter

Stream Flow

Countertop Filtration

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Stream Flow Plus Water Filter

Stream Flow Plus

Hidden Under the Sink

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