Protect what's important

Stream delivers an affordable solution to protect what’s important – our health and our families. The secret to Stream’s success is a large, powerful commercial-grade nanofilter the removes even the most difficult to remove contaminants. You’ll never have to worry about what’s in your tap water again.

High-Quality Filtration Certified to the Highest Degree

Tested to the Highest Standard

You'll notice right away Stream filters are larger. That's because Stream is commercial grade. And Stream has been tested and certified to reduce a wide range of contaminants, including lead, mercury, turbidity and more than 99 percent of chlorine. Stream does all this while maintaining the health benefits of water and an excellent, natural taste.

Save Money and Help the Environment Save Money and Help the Environment

Save Money. Protect the Environment.

It’s well known that bottled water is expensive and adversely impacts the environment. Filter pitchers and faucet filters don’t work very well, must be changed frequently, and are a hassle to refill. Stream filters up to 750 gallons of water for a cost per gallon that’s much, much lower – just 2 cents per glass. And Stream is available for your sink or refrigerator. You’ll never have to bother with refilling a bulky pitcher. Just grab a glass and enjoy healthy water at any time.

Pure, Safe Water Wherever you Need It

Healthy by Design

Unlike bottled water that’s costly and may contain contaminants like plastic additives, Stream delivers commercial grade nanofiltration to your home in days. Drinking water rich in minerals like potassium and magnesium is part of a healthy diet. Stream was engineered to leave healthy minerals in water for great taste and better health. According to the World Health Organization, the naturally occurring minerals in water provide an important source of needed minerals. These important minerals in water were found to improve cardiovascular health, improve muscle strength, and improve bone health. Start experiencing better health and better tasting water with Stream.

NSF Certification NSF Certification

Proven to Remove More Contaminants.

We test and certify that our filtration systems meet and exceed the requirements of strict public health standards. You get the assurance that your Stream system will do what it says it will do. We put our products through a comprehensive evaluation process by the top national testing lab, so you’re assured that any Stream product you buy will perform as claimed.

Our Testing Results State:

  • The system meets the contaminant reduction claims of the manufacturer
  • The system is not adding anything harmful to the water
  • The system is structurally sound
  • Advertisements, literature, and labels are not misleading
  • The materials and manufacturing process do not change

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What's in your water?

Think you know what’s in your glass of tap water? Chances are you don’t. 316 contaminants have been found in the tap water of 45 states. While there’s still no solution from environmental engineers, Stream protects your family’s health with every glass of crisp, refreshing, filtered water.