The difference is clear.

Compare Stream to other leading water filters and you'll quickly see the difference. Stream is designed to deliver the most refreshing water at peak performance over 8x longer than traditional filters.


Natural Nanofiltration

typical pitcher water filter comparison

Pitcher Water Filter

typical faucet water filter comparison

Faucet Water Filter

Natural Coconut Media Yes No No
Contaminants Filtered 75 5 29
Gallons Filtered 750 40 100
Cost per Gallon 7.8 cents 15.5 cents 25 cents
Flow Rate 0.75 gpm .11 gpm .5 gpm
Housing Warranty Lifetime 30 Days 1 Year
Out of Sight Option Yes No No
Refrigerator Option Yes No No
Tested by Independent Lab (at NSF) 75 Contaminants 5 Contaminants 29 Contaminants
Micron Rating .5 micron 20 micron 1 micron
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